Ecocamp Experience 4D/3N

OVERVIEW / Day by day

The Ecocamp Experience Tour is for the nature lover who wants to enjoy our breathtaking geography staying at luxurious Ecocamps for a true glamping experience. This tour offers two levels of hiking: easy/moderate and moderate/challenging. You will be able to choose either option at any time.We will observe the ight of the Condor, behold the majesty of the sacred Salkantay and Humantay mountains, and visit a glacial lake and the Salkantay Pass at 4,664m/15,300ft.


3 nights in Ecocamps
All meals during tour
All in-tour ground transportation
Walks and bike rides around ecocamps
Specialized guides
Drinking water


Flights to Peru and Cusco
Optional activities
Laundry services
Alcoholic beverages
Accommodation in Cusco (see FAQ)


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To consult
Sur Nativa DOMOS-26
Day 1
Cusco Chonta Condors Valley Pincopata Ecocamp

This first day will give participants time to adapt to the altitude and begin to prepare physically for the following days’ hiking. We will pick you up from your hotel at 8am for the trip to the Condor Viewing Point at Chonta. Along the way, we will stop and explore one of two archaeological sites: Killarumiyoc or Tarahuasi. These sites were important ritual sites during the height of the Inca Empire and still hold great significance today in Quechua society. While driving further, you will enjoy the landscape of the Limatambo valley and spot small farming communities nestled among the valley. Upon reaching Chonta, we will walk for approximately an hour along a narrow track with spectacular views of the Apurimac Canyon.

We are almost certain to have the site completely to ourselves as most tourists tend to visit the area later in the afternoon. At the viewing point, there will be time to relax and observe the condors soaring over the canyon, while a specially prepared boxed lunch will be served. After lunch, we will return to our vehicle and continue to our final destination, Pincopata Eco- camp. Upon arrival at Pincopata Ecocamp, we will be greeted with a lovely refreshment made from seasonal fruits and taken to our domes to enjoy a hot shower and a deserved rest. If rest is not your thing, you may prefer to walk around the camp. We will end the day with a superb dinner consisting of fresh and locally sourced foods typical of Peruvian-cuisine.

Driving Distance: 132.5 km / 82,8 mi

Driving Time : 3.5 hours

Altitude Chonta: 3,400 m/11,152 f

Altitude Pincopata: 2,850 m / 9,348 f


Sur Nativa principal-9
Day 2
Pincopata Ecocamp Tilca & Choquechurco Pincopata

After breakfast, we continue along the road for 25 minutes to the community of Tilca, from hire we start our hike to the top of one of the sacred mountains, a gradual up-hill on meddle of typical vegetation and spectacular views of the valley and mountains before arrive to the top where we can see some stairs and platforms with religious proposes and retaining walls. After this experience we start descending to Marcahuaylla, from where we continue another short walk to access the archaeolo- gical remains of Choquechurco (Place where Gold is placed). This sacred place, unknown to many, is on our list of remote sites we like to visit. Situated among a forest of native Polylepis trees, this abandoned site will make you feel like a true explorer.

We will discover remains of religious sites and settlements; carved boulders, small squares, and Inca walls covered with moss and vegetation From this place, we will have views of Humantay Mountain, the Valley of Limatambo, Apurimac, and the town of Mollepata. Surrounded by remarkable scenery, we will stop to have lunch at this site before continuing the descent to our Pincopata Ecocamp.

Driving Distance: 20.4 km / 12.7 mi (round trip)

Driving Time: 30 minutes (rt)

Altitude Tilca: Tilca: 3,790 m / 12,431 f
Altitude Choquechurco: 3,200 m / 10,500 ft.
Altitude Pincopata: 2,850 m / 9,348 ft.

Day 3
Pincopata Ecocamp Soray Pincopata Ecocamp
OPTION 1 / Hiking Level: Moderate - Challenging

Pincopata Ecocamp / Marcoccasa / Humantay Lake / Pincopata Ecocamp

After breakfast, we’ll drive 15 minutes to the start of our trail at Marcoccasa. From here, we begin with a short uphill walk before continuing our hike along an aqueduct overlooking the specta- cular Rio Blanco Valley and the snow-capped peaks of the Humantay and Salkantay Mountains. Surrounded by a spectacu- lar view, you will enjoy a delicious box lunch. During the after- noon, we offer an optional hike to Lake Humantay, a lake nestled at the base of the southern face of the mountain. This 1.5-hour hike will present breath- taking views of the glacial lake of the Humantay Mountain.

If you prefer a more laid-back afternoon, you can schedule a soothing massage or simply take in the breath-taking views surrounding our camp. We ll spend the night at Pincopata Camp.

Distance to trailhead: 15 min

Driving time to trail head:  8 km /5 mi

Altitude Soray:

3,883m / 12,737ft

Altitude Huamantay: 4,298 m /14,100 f

Altitude Pincopata: 2,850 m / 9,348 ft.

OPTION 2 / Hiking Level: challenging

Pincopata Ecocamp / Salkantay Pass / Pincopata Ecocamp

After breakfast, we ll drive to Soraypampa where is the begin- ning of our trek. From the bottom of the valley gradually starting to ascend while crossing several small pampas. The challenging final climb to the Abra Pass will be rewarded with spectacular views of Salkantay Mountain. At the pass you will have time to celebrate our accomplishment before descending to a warmer spot to enjoy a box lunch. Later, we will return to Soraypampa to meet our transport. After boarding our transport, you ll back to our comfortable Pincopata Ecocamp, and enjoy a marvelous dinner.

Driving distance: 15 min

Altitude Abra Salkantay: 4,664 m / 15,300 ft.

Altitude Soraypampa: 3,883m / 12,737ft

Altitude Pincopata: 2,850 m / 9,348 ft

Distance to trailhead: 15 min

Driving time to trail head:  8 km /5 mi

Altitude Soray:

3,883m / 12,737ft

Altitude Huamantay: 4,298 m /14,100 f

Altitude Pincopata: 2,850 m / 9,348 ft.

Day 4
Pincopata Ecocamp Cusco

After breakfast at our Ecocamp, we will get ready to board our transportation to take us back to Cusco.

Distance: 109 Km/68 mi

Driving time: 2.5 hrs.

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